Autoship 9.2

Autoship is a hull design/surface modelling program
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The Autoship hull design/surface modelling program combines the graphical user interface of Windows with the dexterity of NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) mathematics, the high-end CAD standard for surface modelling, to give you the tools to quickly and efficiently create any hull shape from a racing yacht to a super tanker, including the superstructure and appendages. The user-friendly interface enables the designer to work either in four views simultaneously (profile, plan, body and rotatable 3-D) or else one of the views singly by merely a click of a button. The four views may be dynamically resized at any time and may be individually zoomed and panned. There are ten levels of zoom/unzoom. Also featured are ten levels of undo/redo to trace and retrace design steps. You can specify multiple light sources and generate realistic, Z-buffered, smooth shaded, full colour renderings with walk through and printer-resolution export.

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